About NW Land Pros

With 15+ years of experience, NW Land Pros began operations in January of 2019. Our owner, Blaine Dudley, has had the inspiration to transform his communities curb appeal since his father owned a small Lawn Service company in Springfield, OR during grade school. Starting with only a truck and a few tools, and the unmatched support from friends and family, NW Land Pros is proud to service the Lane County.

At NW Land Pros, we like to think that our mission isn't quite as simple as our competitors. We're a small Eugene, OR Landscape Maintenance company with a strong vision to become the industries #1 Landscaping Company in Lane County. Our crew of professionals, including Grass Specialists, Maintenance Crew, Installation Technicians, Office Admins, and our Owner, all strive to exceed your expectations at the highest level. Doing business with NW Land Pros, you will quickly learn that our quality of work is just one of many qualities we have to offer. You will also see first hand the passion and care that fuels our company. Each and every member of the NWLP team loves what we do - all the way down to the core. Our owner, Blaine, has a daily goal to ensure his employees work in an environment that constantly empowers a positive atmosphere, with a sense of pride and integrity, and a "think-outside-the-box" mentality.